“Be the Boss of YOU!” Video Series – part 10

We have the mental body, the emotional body, the energetic body, the spiritual body and the physical body. Our perceptions are from the perspective of our personal filters. Filters from all five bodies create the experience of our lives. Having all of them in partnership in same resonance (belief) will literally and powerfully create the good we desire to perceive as our experience in our realities. Our back-and-forth or limited experiences are due to the mix of filters (filters created through thoughts, memories, and stored emotions) that are in conflict in these five bodies.

Thoughts are an interesting and powerful part of our life experience. Feeling always follows thought. Some of our underlying beliefs are such an integrated part of us, that we aren’t aware of the original thought at the root of negative emotion.

Be sure you question your thoughts! Question your thoughts (and emotions) from the perspective of a Good Boss, one who is curious and desiring to understand without condemnation or impatience.

Have the ulterior motive of working WITH ALL thoughts, emotions, and physical expressions in a positive way to create harmony and success. Put criticism and rejection aside and show up for you as the Boss of You!

Utilize this guide for creating a Personal Mission Statement. It is a wonderful way to keep you in the perspective of clarity of your best boss self. Clarity makes conscious living easier.

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