“Be the Boss of YOU!” Video Series – part 8

Here we are in the fourth month of 2013. Many changes continue to take place, around the world and for us as individuals. For me, it’s all about deepening my understanding of how I am creating in my own experience.

It helps to see the bigger paradigm — there is so much more going on than what our ego-personality can perceive or process. We are all affected by:

  • mass consciousness,
  • past life memories,
  • genetic memories,
  • etheric/auric memory,
  • cellular memory,
  • our unique individual soul plan,
  • the bigger divine plan for all,
  • the existing fear matrix,
  • gender and family influence,
  • environmental influence,
  • astrological/planetary influence,
  • community manifestation,
  • and, no doubt, more that we cannot perceive!  

We desire the higher vibes that feel good, yet our minds, our emotions and our bodies are all designed to seek that which is familiar.  Unfortunately, for many of us, what is familiar is struggle and chaos!

What we resist will persist.  May this video give you a new perspective of accepting your unique expression of yourself in ways that empower you to create your best experience more consciously.

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2 thoughts on ““Be the Boss of YOU!” Video Series – part 8

    • The scheduling of time to feel emotion is how you create an empowering working relationship with your emotional self. Tapping is great for clearing disruptions in the energy field. This is different, as you feel the emotion you have no agenda other than full presence.
      A healthy relationship with your emotional self means that strong emotion will no longer show up at inopportune times. It is full loving acceptance of your emotional body with only the boundary of time to support you in living a better life experience.
      Note: full presence means you stay with the one emotion in as biggest way as is possible for you. Committing to the time and honoring that commitment is what makes this work.

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