“Be the Boss of YOU!” Video Series – part 9

The things we desire in life are not really about the possession of anything specific (“it”) . It’s the feeling we perceive we will have once we get “it”. To resonate (so that it can come into your experience) with the “it” of your desires, you must first align with the emotion you are seeking from the getting of “it”.

Keep in mind that it is not what you’re doing, but more importantly it’s the frequency you’re in while doing it!

The only way to get the full experience of what you are desiring is TO START IN FREQUENCY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE NOW!

This video will help you see how you can begin, right where you are, to engage in the frequency, the feeling of what you desire to feel more of. As you enlarge this feeling place through focus and attention, it will become a larger part of your reality, attracting good to you through the enlarged resonance. We already do this with scarcity and fear with very little effort as it is a habit and part of mass consciousness. What you focus on you will absolutely get more of.

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