“Be the Boss of You” Video Series: Recap and Overview of the Series

Final video, recapping all information from the past 12 videos. Here is a quick look at them all. In the video, I touch back on them each as a reminder.


  1. Has the e-book on intention setting. The video below gives a few tips on that from emails received.
  2. Only TWO frequencies in conscious co-creation: the Having vibe and the NOT Having vibe.
  3. Clarity and Gratitude.
  4. Five Bodies: emotional, energetic, physical, mental and spiritual. Working with all five gives faster results!
  5. Thoughts, Integrity and Success.
  6. Telling Your Sad Story, the 3x rule.
  7. Feeling Good.
  8. Conscious Control and all that we are influenced by.
  9. Begin Where You Are!
  10. Thoughts and Mission Statements (includes a PDF file).
  11. Energy Drains.
  12. Whose business? Staying in your business, what you actually influence in your life experience vs attempting to create beyond your arena.

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