New “Be the Boss of YOU!” Video Series – part 5

It is time for many of us to shift our perspective of human experience from struggling to one of thriving. We are not taught what thriving would look like or feel like. We are very familiar with struggle and fear and lack of clarity. How do we shift paradigms into living empowered thriving experiences even as we continue to grow and learn?

  • Our thoughts are creative.
  • Our thoughts come from our perspectives!
  • Knowledge gives a different perspective.

Knowledge must be integrated and implemented to be of tangible benefit. May these videos give you the ideas and perspectives to pull in knowledge that brings you into the best possible experience of life!

From one of the Monday night Self-Invest classes:

Thoughts – they come in three ways:

  1. Uncontrolled thoughts: these are those that we don’t even realize are there, beliefs learned since birth, and fearful-resentful-jealous-unworthy-sad-angry, etc. thoughts that loop and grow through expanding energy.
  2. Mass consciousness: gender beliefs, culture, history, media, family heritage, etc.
  3. Chosen creative thoughts. Let’s get good at this! Creating life on purpose with purpose through choosing our thoughts in every moment.

What about the unexpected? Things we believe couldn’t match our dominant beliefs? We may never understand with complete clarity what is happening to us, what is being created through our expression (which includes so many moving parts: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual). We may not get all the info consciously that is creating our experience. Is that the important part? Or is it more empowering to be the one choosing what you’re going to do with the unexpected? What story will you create to tell about your experience?

Your power isn’t in the past – it’s now!

Your power is about NOW and what you are projecting into the future!

Perspectives on Integrity and Success are in video 5. Please feel free to leave a comment or question, and share these videos with friends.

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Note: the e-book mentioned is available to download in the second blog post (part 2).

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