“Be the Boss of YOU!” Video Series – part 6

Even though vibrational law can be stated in the most simple way, it can be very tricky to live consciously: feel good, and you attract more that feels good into your life. Very basic and sounds easy. Yet often we are unaware of what we are actually feeling and creating vibrationally.

Video 6 is about only telling your sad (or hard, difficult, or frustrating) story 3 times or less.

Why 3 times? Well,  it’s easy to keep track of!

Also, three is a good number in considering:

  1. One telling of the story for venting, with a good friend or family member.
  2. A second telling as you seek insight, knowledge, or  direction with a coach, or therapist, or even a therapist type friend.
  3. The third time is for tapping, or clearing, or shifting out of victim mode into self empowerment.

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