New “Be the Boss of YOU!” Video Series – part 3


I have just had the experience of being physically sick, which was quite unexpected! I have not used this physical body for sickness in over ten years. I “thought” I “believed” in expressing health and was quite proud and impressed with my track record.

A big reminder that many things are influencing our experience in life that we are unaware of. I do believe in the concept of a  healing crisis. I have been taking my health to a higher level with a bio-mat and other tools and nutrition. I also believe that respiratory illness often signifies huge spiritual transformation. From this perspective, I see some possibly colliding thoughts!

Choosing to create on purpose with purpose doesn’t guarantee you a free pass out of the human experience, yet it definitely leads to a greater overall sense of peace and empowerment. I may never understand completely why I expressed sickness recently. I don’t have complete control over circumstances, yet I have peace in knowing who I am in the experience of it and where I’m going from here. Understanding vibrational law and the creative nature of thoughts gives me direction and clarity, even in the unexpected.

There is no end game of perfection. Our lives are about who we are in the journey. Understanding what we are capable of creates an experience that can be

  • more delightful than painful,
  • more empowering than victimizing,
  • and more fulfilling than disappointing!

Here is video 3 for you, please feel free to  leave a comment or question.

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New “Be the Boss of YOU!” Video Series – part 1

As I grow personally and in my work skill set, I realize it’s time again for me to give more, stretch out of my comfort zone, and expand in service.

I have included taps for clearing in each newsletter, and now I am beginning this blog to include video each month to help you implement staying on track with putting in the new that you desire. This video series is about Being the Boss of YOU!

I love tapping because it helps me with the discomfort of growth! Yet without clear direction for what to put in as the new resonance, the clearing is limited. Our natural state doesn’t allow for a vacuum. What is cleared must be replaced with new or the old simply returns. Over the last three years of coaching individuals and groups, I realized there are foundational steps that help us all move more purposefully on the path to success.

Knowledge is key! We can’t expand our desires or our efforts without guidance. Many teachers (countless ones through books and videos) have helped me move from a difficult life experience into a joyous one. I am always delighted to pay that forward. This blog begins my adventure into writing more and coaching through video! May it serve you and shorten your journey into living life on purpose with purpose!

To access all the videos in this series click here: Be the Boss of You series.

New “Be the Boss of YOU!” Video Series – part 2

This is part 2 of my Be the Boss of YOU! series. Here’s part 1.

The e-book I mention in this  video is available here: Seriously Joyous Intention Setting.

It will give you a protocol for aligning vibrationally with that which you desire. Use it and be sure to let us know what happens. Here is one testimony from someone who utilized it:

Hi, Helen,

Thank you for the updated version of the book. I completed my 30 days of Daily Intention writing this past week, and I can’t believe the extent of the impact it has had on my feelings of confidence and positive expectation going into the new job as well as the class I am teaching at UH. I am ready to soar!

Take care,


To access all the videos in this series click here: Be the Boss of You series.