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  • stress
  • the energy body
  • trauma
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Hello and welcome to My Audio Library! I am Helen Racz, and in January of 2008 a few people asked me to make tapping in a group, known as "Borrowing Benefits", available on a regular and affordable basis. I was not sure I wanted to commit to the expenses of advertising and room rental while hoping enough people would show up each week to make a weekly group tap viable. I was hesitant. When they offered to donate the cost of the room rental to get things started, I found that I loved the idea of doing it on a donation basis! I've committed to tithe my time each week as long as room rental was covered!

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People in the groups often asked for the wording of a tap. One friend offered to transcribe and email the taps, so we started recording the Thursday Taps. Transcribing turned out to be a big job and I am intending that as membership on this site grows, you will be able to access written transcripts to go with the audio at some point. Meanwhile audio edit work is a bit less costly than transcribing and we are beginning with 240 taps edited from the group sessions in 2009. (It is March 2011 as I write this introduction.) As money from the site comes in, I’ll hire more help to catch us up, so know that your participation in this site is contributing and collaborating with growing this site and also the vibration of paying it forward... what you have access to has already been paid for, and you are making more available to others and yourself!

Each tap is edited to just the one specific topic with the length of the tap indicated so you know exactly the subject and duration of the tap before you start. Some taps fit more than one category, and are listed in each category to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. If you’ve never been to a group tapping event, be sure and watch the video on Borrowing Benefits that was filmed live at Media Source so that you know what you’re hearing and how to participate.

Exchange. Many believe in the laws of spiritual exchange. And in that spirit, I’ve decided to give you the opportunity to choose a pricing level for the audio library. It’s a collaborative idea - you can pick from three monthly amounts ($4.95, $7.95 and $9.95), the exchange that feels best to you at this time. Think exchange and reach for what you feel represents the value you desire to allow yourself to receive for your financial exchange within your existing budget. My hope is that this exchange idea will allow everyone interested in taking advantage of this information, a way to do so.

If you feel uncomfortable choosing, know that the suggested amount at this time is $7.95.

Another collaborative way to make sure this is available to those who will benefit and continue to develop for all: if for any reason you feel compelled to share your login with a friend, please let them know about the donation button so they too can contribute if they derive benefit. Have amazing results? Please do feel free to donate above and beyond your membership at any time – this is a continuing live project. I’ve kept monthly fees low so that the months you aren’t tapping as regularly, you can still feel good about the membership. Most of us find that we go on rampages of tapping, take a break and then return to it. The creation of this library has always been with the intention that it give you more value than any financial exchange you contribute! May tapping bless your life as richly as it has blessed mine!

Let me summarize what you're getting:

  • Hundreds of mood and thinking changing audio recordings of live sessions
  • These recordings are short, always available, easily accessible and usable, produced with love, and pleasantly presented
    you will be able and want to use them regularly
    you will improve your chronic mood and patterns of thinking
    have more fun, as you feel better, live more easily, create better health, better relationships, AND manifest your desires faster and more easily!!!
  • Bonus Gift of 9 full Thursday Night Transcripts
  • All the above – for a very small monthly fee (from $4.95 to $9.95)! You choose the price (based on your budget) – get the same service!

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