EFT Services and Rates

Private Sessions are $110 for 1 hour, $165 for an hour and a half.

I always suggest you make an hour and a half appointment so the time is there if you need it. If the session feels complete in one hour, we simply stop and you are charged for less time.

In private sessions you relax in a recliner as I tap on you while you repeat what I say. These sessions are very intense, so please schedule your appointment on a day that you can go home afterward. Most people find they need to sleep or relax the rest of the day after a session. This is great for issues that you haven't been able to shift by tapping on your own. My intuitive gifts allow me to quickly identify the core issue and make major progress in one session.

Please note, my intuitive skill with tapping means you receive shifts and support through the information and wording that comes through me as we tap. I do not offer talk therapy as I am not trained in that area. The less  detail you give me, the easier it is for me to keep my personal thoughts out of the experience and go with what comes through. If you prefer more traditional therapy, see EFThouston.com or EFTuniverse.com for other EFT Practitioners.

I do offer life coaching in combination with the tapping if you prefer an ongoing relationship that includes coaching, clearing and assignments. This is a good fit when you are clear about what you want to accomplish long term and desire to commit to numerous sessions. This too is about coaching, accountability and direction, and is not therapy.

My office is in Katy. I will email you directions when we confirm appointment.

The physical address is:

439 Mason Park Blvd STE C
Katy, TX 77450

Call or email me to schedule your appointment: 281-384-0207 or helenracz@comcast.net

Phone Sessions are available at the same rates.

Specialized Workshops

Many people have heard of EFT, even ordered Gary's DVDs but want the extra support of interacting with a live person to get more comfortable with tapping for themselves. Or, you may want to gain insight on how to intensively apply EFT to a specific topic. Get a group of friends together and I will come to your event at your location.

Very interactive, convenient, cost effective and fun!

Specialized Workshops are $400 for 3 hours. Weekday or weekend. Your location in Houston area. (Other cities, please call me to discuss.) Divide cost by number of participants for an affordable way to learn/experience EFT. You can pick the main topic (weight loss, stress relief, physical pain, spiritual growth, pets, children....) or we can work with individual issues of group participants. Great fun and very powerful!

Money Back Guarantee

I give a money back guarantee on all sessions. If you do not feel you received benefit and shifting in our work together in any session, your money will be returned so that you can seek help with a different practitioner. Some issues may take more than one session to completely address; yet, I intend that each session will give you great benefit!

Beyond the Above


I would very much enjoy venturing into this area. EFT can help with stress, creativity blocks, income limits, and group dynamics.


Most phobias take one session unless other immediate issues (heavy stress, grief or life changes) are also present, then likely two sessions. YES, this includes fear of public speaking!

Post Traumatic Stress

Huge results in one session and much more gentle than most expect!

Group Presentations

I enjoy sharing EFT as a scheduled speaker for established groups. I've presented for the following groups:

  • Katy Fibromyalgia Support Group – EFT for Pain Management
  • Houston Abraham Meet Up Group – EFT for Manifesting
  • West Houston Theosophical Group – EFT for Spiritual Growth
  • The Heights Theosophical Lodge – EFT for Spiritual Growth
  • 2009 Women’s Month at Lone Star College – Class on EFT
  • Houston Vet Center – EFT for Stress Reduction
  • Woodlands Group

Very interactive and fun!

Please contact me if your group would be interested in learning about and experiencing EFT.

Please also read my Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

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