EFT Testimonies

Received: 2016-03-14
Subject: Self Invest Class

This is a fabulous recap!  I am rereading it again for the third time!  It has lots of wonderful quotes and the message is on target and enlightening.  I do feel I am manifesting as co-creator and am having more positive results in becoming more the way I want to be –accepting, less judgmental and giving more unconditional love to not only my Mom, but everyone.   I feel lighter and more buoyant, and more clear on my objectives which are expanding beyond what I originally wanted to change.  As I get closer to where I want to be, it seems that my horizon is expanding. 


Thanks for sharing, teaching and helping others.  You have a gift for that.




Received: 2016-02-28
Subject: Self Invest Class

Hi Helen,

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your class!  I have been really busy with work and house guests and both have been wonderful opportunities for a new way for me to listen.  I have been diligent in practicing the 7 habits and I’m on my way to a deeper level of being.  I realized last week that I was a nice person.  That really surprised me!  I then went on to actually feel love for myself. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that before.  I know I haven’t.  That had a deep impact in how I related to others too.  It was wonderful.

Thank you,

Received: 2016-02-16
Subject: Fantastic Group EFT Session

Hi Helen,  

I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic Group EFT Session that I attended on Dec 31st!!! It really gave me closure and a new energy to move forward!  Everything has fallen into place and I feel so motivated!

Thank you so much!

Blessings always!


Received: 2015-12-05
Subject: Checking In

Hi Helen!

I had terrible anxiety about going to the dentist for several years after a few bad visits.  After working with you using EFT that anxiety and fear has almost completely disappeared.  I am able to go to the dentist and I no longer leave there in tears.  You were able to hone in on my fears and helped to tap them away.  I'm so thankful that I got to work with you!


Received: 2015-08-27
Subject: Thank You!

My dear Helen,

What would we (I) do without you!  tonight was so empowering.  May blessing be showered on you!  You have such an amazing gift which you so generously share with so many.

With love,


Received: 2015-07-20
Subject: Thank You!

Dear Helen,

Thank you for your classes.  I've only been to two of them and I feel like tapping is already changing my life.  I appreciate what you're giving to me and others.  I look forward to every Thursday.


Received: 2015-02-25
Subject: Thanks for Class


Just a short note expressing my thanks for an exceptionally well conducted class.  Your knowledge and professionalism made it possible to feel very comfortable and at ease.  Your expertise and passion duly noted.  Can't wait to learn more.  It would be a pleasure to attend any public speaking events you have available!

Thank you.


Received: 2015-02-25
Subject: EFT Class

Hi Helen,

I left EFT class so excited and enlightened.  Thank you very much.  I came with a stiff neck and an ache in my right shoulder that had bothered me for maybe as long as a year.  They are both gone!  As I told you during the break, I had been tapping and stopped when all of the muck came to the surface.  That was an ah ha moment for me to know that I had stopped just short of the relief.  I had asked the universe for that answer.

I talked with the instructor of the beading class.  she said that there were three no shows and I could have taken the class.  It was the universe, I was supposed to be in the EFT class.

I have ordered the EFT Manuel from Amazon and I'll see you at Thursday sessions soon.  Please send me the information you talked about in class.

Again, thank you so much for the class.


Received: 2014-12-15
Subject: Good News!

Hi Helen,

I have some great news.....a company based in the UK (privately owned) contacted me through someone I used to work with, and this morning they offered me a position with them...yeay!!!!  I am so so excited about this.

I am telling you this because I TRULY believe that you have been such an incredible support for me, and all the changes in my belief system have made my life blossom into what I am capable of, and what the universe wanted for me in the beginning, I just didn't know how to tap into it.  HOW incredible is that????

I don't know how I could ever repay you....you are such an amazing person and soul.  I will never forget all you have given me.....my life back :)

p.s. all those meditation highs were for a great reason :-)

Love you,


Received: 2011-12-23
Subject: Tapping Into Forgiveness


I just wanted to let you know how amazing and helpful the Tapping into Forgiveness Workbook was for me.  I have never taken a formal tapping class, I started tapping with you on Thursdays with the free tap.  It was easy for me to do on my own.  by Day 5 half way through the tap I was in tears, releasing all kinds of stuff.  I couldn't see the words any longer and started saying what came to me.  Nice to let it all go in the privacy of my own home.  Journaling after every tap is great.  By the end of the workbook I felt like I had cleared a ton of stuff.  And it only takes about 10-15 minutes to do an exercise.

I have worked with many other modalities and none have been as quick, easy and amazingly effective as tapping.  I can't wait for more workbooks!



Received: 2011-09-10
Subject: Tapping Into Forgiveness - Thank You!!!

Hi Helen,

I am on Day 25 of Tapping into Forgiveness and I think you wrote this just for me!  I am committed to starting over after Day 30 and I will continue starting over until there is another workbook.  For me, there is something about seeing and reading the words.  I have a better understanding and I repeat sections that really resonate with me over and over.  I was thinking of what the other workbooks might be too.  Love and Acceptance would be the next one followed by one on Prosperity.  That would do it for me.  I am so interested and curious about the Series and what you choose for topics.  Whatever they are, I know they will be for me.

I miss you and hope to see you soon!



Received: 2014-02-17
Subject: A quick note

Hey Helen!

I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to help me get started in my EFT Practice.  You have been an inspiration to me since the first time I tapped along with your YouTube video years ago.

I'm definitely going to miss driving over to the Spectrum Center for Thursday night tapping when I move to NYC but I may feel inspired to start my own!

I may see you on Thursday night for one last class, but if I don't I just wanted to wich you all the best!

Thanks again!



Received: 2014-03-19
Subject: Recap of Session


I always loved to see the results of my work with kids so if you're like me, I want you to know I just realized now as I'm home that I left my house and WALKED to run errands today, WITHOUT EVEN THINKING about it.  Effortlessly.  I know it doesn't sound like much but it's pretty big.

Thank you!!!

M. Ellis

Received: 2014-01-06
Subject: EFT for Guilt


If you could use a positive review or have a place on your websites for reviews, let me know and I will be happy to post one for you.  I will definitely recommend you to some other friends of mine who are having emotional blocks as well.

Have a great day.


Received: 2013-09-16
Subject: Appointment

Hello Helen!

My name is Michelle.  I have been to you twice before for a private session, and I feel like I am due for your wonderful services again!!  Please let me know if you have any openings on any Fridays, thank you!!


Received: 2013-12-18
Subject: Happy Holidays

Hi Helen,

Thank you again for introducing me to EFT and all the positive benefits!!  I'm happy to say that I've had a much better experience with my mom since my session with you.  Wishing you wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year!!



Received: 2014-01-11


I have to tell you, I've been studying your YouTube videos a lot and trying to apply them.  I am starting to find the feeling places for the things I want.  As you would say, aligning vibrationally!  When I get it, it's great.  The moments are so wonderful.  And even when I don't get it, I am catching myself and noticing things I need to clear.

Also, I think the concept of "Being the Boss of you" is excellent.  It really paints the picture of the role I have to take on.  I've watched the secret a million times and it kind of glosses over the details a bit.  Great stuff.

Thanks for everything!!!

Marvyn Sylvester


Received: 2013-07-14
Subject: Fear of being alone in bed

Dear Helen,

I hope this finds you happy and healthy and loving life :-)..

I haven't checked in with you in a long time, and I have a reason for that...I had felt like what you and I did together in one session, while it was really neat and felt good, had not yielded the results which were as deep and lasting as I'd have wanted.

Well, guess what?! I learned something that you probably already knew:  It may lag in the middle, but ends up being greater than the initial relief!  I have found that I can go to bed, stay in bed, and that I am not (generally) afraid of being there alone.

This is huge for me...as a kid who was never safe, I used to lie in bed and imagine giant rats or some such eating thru the wall and eating my head off.  I don't, thank goodness, do such as an adult, but I DO have a fear of the dark and of 'alone in the dark'. I can honestly say that you have helped me a great deal with this, and I thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

I have been doing some lymph massage and cell-memory healing through Melissa Rayburn, and also seeing a talk therapist, and with what you helped start, we are carrying on. I truly don't think I could have begun these with any success if not for your loving care.

So, thank you, God bless and keep you, and I wish you all Good Things the Universe has to send to you!

With my Heart,

Received: 2012-11-18


I wanted to let you know that you are touching the lifes of people in Mexico.

As you may remember I translated your sleep meditation for my father.

He loved it. He said  "I fell asleep so I could not finish listening" he also said " I took some time the following morning to listen to it and know what the meditacion said" and he loved it even more!

He invited over to my aunt and they both listen to it again, and both agreed that the meditation is amazing.

Then my dad "burn a copy" for her so she can use it to sleep.

Next thing I know is my aunt asked my father to burn so more CDs and she is giving them away for free to people. :)

Helen, I want to thank you for the astounding work you are doing for humanity.



Received: 2012-12-13

Hi Helen,

Hope you are doing great. I am back in India and getting set here. Didn't get a chance to meet you before I left, I just wanted to say thank you to you. The first session with you was amazing and I really felt a lot of stuff resolved and on its way to being resolved. Thanks again. I have been practicing EFT and also reading related stuff and it seems like a whole new world has been opened up which I had not explored before and I am really happy about that. 

I'll be beginning work pretty soon and getting married Feb next year. All the best to you for everything.

Thanks again,


Received: 2012-10-04

Hi Helen,

My name is Ashley and I went to your Thursday class at the end of June, where you tapped on me about my back pain. I just wanted to write to you about how much EFT has changed my life since your class. 

I've been tapping everyday since, and I have felt a tremendous difference. The amount of growth I've experienced in the past few months has been unbelievable--I know myself so much more, and even more importantly...I am really beginning to love myself. For the first time in a long time, I feel what it's like to be stress and anxiety free--I had forgotten what that felt like!! I am much kinder to myself now and also just so much happier. I've been able to realize some very deep emotional issues I've carried with me for a loooonnngg time, and have been able to start clearing those.

I've had a lot of issues with my skin in the past two and a half years, and it's been a source of a lot of anxiety and self esteem issues. Now, my skin is clearer than it has been in a very very long time!

I feel so much more sensitive and aware of my body, and as a dancer, that has been amazing! For the first time, I can dance without feeling self conscious--for the first time, I feel free when I dance.

Another thing that has been amazing--I have no back pain! I cannot tell you how incredible that's been...I can't believe I was in constant pain for a full 5 years. I remember the frustration and hopelessness I felt with my body and it is now gone. I have felt the pain come back only once or twice in the past few months, and it comes only when I feel especially anxious about something. I can't believe it, but then again, it all makes so much sense!

Of course, it has not been a straight and easy road, and there have been times when I don't feel as good. But that's ok, because what is most important is that I feel much more equipped to deal with the problems that come up in my daily life in a way that is much healthier.

I have told literally every one of my friends about EFT--because many have noticed the change in me and have asked me what I've been doing. I've tapped with a few of my friends, and even done it over skype with some of them to help them through some issues. It is empowering to feel like I can begin to heal myself, but especially to help heal others--it is a beautiful thing to feel like I can really help my friends through their some of issues. About 5 of my friends have now started doing it regularly themselves and have found it incredibly helpful. My mom and sister have been going to your Thursday class too. Last week, after much encouragement, my best friend's sister finally made an appointment with an EFT practitioner in her area. She has suffered from depression and anxiety for many years, and has been to many psychiatrists and doctors for it. Today, though initially skeptical, she came back from her first appointment and said that she loved it, that she feels a sense of calm, and most importantly--that she feels this will really help her. She plans to continue her sessions.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. You've changed so many lives! I am so grateful to you. I hope you are doing well, and when I am back home in December I will definitely be coming to your class!



Received: 2012-09-07

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the tap session last night. I really did feel something when i left. I've only been doin this a while, and have never done it in the precense of others....I was nervous at first but felt very at ease during the session. Just wanted to thank you!



Received: 2012-08-17


"Thank you so much, Helen for our tapping session today. I felt like myself again and we found an amazing space. Just waiting for approval. You are awesome!"

Brandy Deutsch

Received: 2012-08-16

Hi, Helen:

Wednesday night was the most powerful experience I have ever had with EFT. Wow!

There are also things I appreciate specifically about you: one is the grace with which you handled the little snafus that arose and the other is the fact that you owned your power and claimed and confessed it without sounding the least bit arrogant. It is clear you really were and are being authentic.

You set an amazing example, and I took that to heart.

Much love and joy to you!

Cathy Elaine

Received: 2012-08-03


Thank you again for the tapping class...it always does wonders for me. I have wanted to share with you that last weeks tapping put me into a very relaxed and expansive state. I had very restful and deep sleeping time, and I feel I had a huge shift regarding my health and future employment opportunities. I feel blessed to have a wonderful friend in you....many blessings!

Be Well,


Received: 2012-07-01

Dear Sweet Helen,

I am happy to report I am there! Totally in love with my life, my family, my career! I will be 70 this month and in my spiritual time Sunday I was reflecting on where I was when I entered my 60’s and where I am now entering my 70’s and WOW all of the positive changes that have come to me through my special friends like you.

I love and appreciate you,


Received: 2012-06-23

Just wanted to share the most powerful experience of my LIFE so far on this healing journey of mine.

Thursday night, I felt like I was touched by the hands of GOD. I've been shedding a lot of old emotional pain and was just still in the muck of it when Helen Racz, EFT practitoner and empath did hands on work for 15-20 minutes with me in front of everyone. She placed her hands on my back and chest several times and also tapped on me for a couple of rounds. I eventually starting smiling and laughing a little at the end of it and the adreline was rushing through me, my whole body was electrified and her hands were really warm on my body, like she was transmitting high intensity LIGHT energy through me.

Chuck Koehler

Received: 2011-12-04
Subject: Tapping Transcript

Hi Helen,

Thank you for putting the transcript on your library site!

I could not survive without your uplifting chants which are like prayers for my soul.


Joan Kamm

Received: 2012-01-12
Subject: Meditation CD


I taught your Celebrating Men, Satisfying Womancourse in Houston in May of 2009. I am writing you because I just found and began listening to the beautiful meditation Cd you gifted me. I LOVE IT! Your voice is buttery delicious, your serenity is nurturing and nourishing to my soul and you’ve become an important part of my spiritual practice. Thank you for the thoughtful and life enhancing gift,



Received: 2011-11-20

Thank you for your affirmation! I appreciate your words so greatly! I want to share I have had amazing breakthroughs (gigantic leaps) in my life, especially with the whole jealousy thing, as if a balloon was busted. Thank you for your hand (hands) in that. (That's a tapping pun, btw)

Have a miraculous day of wonder and creation!


Received: 2011-10-29
Subject: I love your tapping website!!

Hi Helen,

I have been tapping every morning with your members section on your website.
I love it. Starts my day off feeling good and grounded. Thank you for
offering all the different categories.



Received: 2011-10-12

Hi Helen!

Just a quick hello to touch base and to let you know that I have been using your audio library for the last couple of weeks and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It is such an unbelievably beneficial service that you have taken the time to organize and make available. I am deeply grateful for all of your work. And although I've known all along how fantastic it is, it one of those things that I always meant to do, but other things kept sliding in its place instead
(that is why you're just getting this email now)

- Amy Casper

Received: 2009-03-27

Helen ~ 

I hope you felt the love and appreciation from everyone last night.  You are a gift to many. You give hope and healing generously. It pours from your heart. I am so happy that you came to Spectrum Center.

Much love,


Received: 2011-08-25

The first part of the Shadow Dance Workshop was enlightening, but very
confusing for someone who has not pursued astrology except to occasionally
read a horoscope and to have read Linda Goodman's Sun Signs.  I found it
very interesting and intriguing especially your testimonial about not when
you first thought "you were not like that".  It truly shows one what they
need to accept and love about themselves and acknowledge to become more
centered and whole.  The second part of the workshop was absolutely
fantastic and even more enlightening and I finally had an awakening moment
where everything seemed to start to really resonate.  It really is an
introspection that is worth the journey.  The movie you showed at your home,
As It Is In Heaven, was also enlightening and really helped me to see the
whole picture (no pun intended) before I took the second part of the
workshop.  It showed a community who was out of sync and then gradually
acknowledged the parts that they wanted to deny existed and at the end
became whole and vibrated like a fine tuned instrument. It helped
tremendously with everything starting to come together by the end.  Of
course, it is just the beginning of understanding as you said, and will
probably be a journey that needs to be explored throughout life. Thanks to
you and Helen for making it so wonderful!


Received: 2011-08-23
Subject: Shadow Dance Workshop

Hi Rebeca and Helen:

The two days of the Shadow Dance workshop  offer by Rebeca Elgen and Helen Racz accomplished a great deal of self-awareness.  

The positive synergy that  Rebeca and Helen  accomplished during the workshop was marvelous to witness.

Rebecca increased my awareness of my unconsciousness negatives using astrology and Helen created a safe environment to explore them using (Emotional Freedom Techniques) EFT or tapping exercises.

The combination of the seventh house of relationships, Jung shadow work and the tapping exercises created a very powerful, insightful and moving two days.

I would recommend this workshop for individuals and couples that are willing to explore a greater responsiveness to their hidden potential.

May God bless all your projects.

Evelyn Parker

Received: 2011-08-21
Subject: Shadow Workshop

I was introduced to shadow work more than 18 years ago through classes at the Jung Center.

It is a subject than can be overwhelming for a lot of people.  What an amazing experience to 

work with Rebeca and Helen together!  Not only is it extremely informative,

I think as a team they have the ability to help us move the shadow energy to a whole new level.

What a great workshop!



Received: 2011-08-20
Subject: Shadow Workshop

Let's face it.

You would not be visiting this site in the first place if you are not looking for answers to the dilemmas, the puzzles and the complexities of your life.
You are one of the bold, brave few Souls who dares to look up instead of keeping your head in the sand.

And you will find solutions in this workshop to some of your deepest concerns that tug at your heartstrings.
You may even begin to resolve matters you didn't realize you had.

I was amazed at the breadth and depth of Rebeca Eigen's knowledge of astrology on a scientific level!
(Never considered astrology as science? It's actually a misclassified science because so much is intangible and therefore inexplicable by generally accepted scientific research standards.)

How Rebeca integrates astrological precedents to historical and current relationship patterns is coherent and understandable for the layman.

Rebeca provides intricate revelations -- in writing -- along with a brief explanation tailored for group presentation. I found that exposure to information for the group helped me assimilate my personal "stuff".

The gut-kicking wake-up call is how artfully she connects 7th House astrology to Jung's psychology revelations.
If Oprah's show were still around Rebeca Eigen should certainly be on it.
This ain't exactly Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs"....

You don't have to be well-versed in astrology to "get it".
You don't have to understand it all to use it, either.

As for Helen Racz, her skillful use of "tapping", Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), sets the stage so that workshop participants can remove blockages to receiving the insight and guidance from the sessions.
Helen, too, contributes wisdom at key points during the workshop to guide participates in the assimilation process.

This experience is not for the faint-of-heart.

But if you're ready -- really ready -- to seek, ye shall find.

If you can handle the true riches within your-Self, then grab a shovel and dig deep with Rebeca and Helen.
You'll strike gold.

I highly recommend this workshop.

~ PJ Gunter

Received: 2011-07-19

Rebeca & Helen, 


Kudos to you both for such a wonderful, powerful, and joyful day!  You make the world a better place by sharing your special gifts with others.  

Thanks to you I am no longer afraid of my own shadow though it certainly remains dark & gnarly... Lol... And I will now begin the tough work of owning my shadow with greater awareness & love.

I would be thrilled to participate in a "part 2" workshop - the 13th works best for me if the universe agrees...:-) Regardless it is my intention & spiritual path to spend some time w/ you both.

See you soon!

Much love,


Received: 2011-07-18
Subject: Shadow Workshop

Hello Helen and Rebeca:

The Shadow workshop was GREAT.  I learned a lot about myself - some good, some bad but all wonderful.

May God bless all of your projects.

Evelyn Parker

Received: 2011-07-12
Subject: Shadow Workshop

Hi Helen and Rebecca!

Most of my breakthroughs came in the form of belief systems that were in my way.  I was out watering the garden after class, and the beliefs just kept coming up to be seen and acknowledged.  Then they gently fell away.  I was able to see and laugh at the shadow dance my husband was doing, and it just kept changing for the better.  I've been in a really happy state ever since Saturday, and the people who used to get under my skin just don't anymore.  Amazing, really!  Can't wait for the next installment....

Thank you both so much.  See you in a month!

Margaret B.

Hi Helen and Rebecca!

Most of my breakthroughs came in the form of belief systems that were in my way.  I was out watering the garden after class, and the beliefs just kept coming up to be seen and acknowledged.  Then they gently fell away.  I was able to see and laugh at the shadow dance my husband was doing, and it just kept changing for the better.  I've been in a really happy state ever since Saturday, and the people who used to get under my skin just don't anymore.  Amazing, really!  Can't wait for the next installment....

Thank you both so much.  See you in a month!

Margaret B.

Received: 2011-05-04

Hi Helen,

Just wanted to let you know that the throat tap that you did last Thursday was exactly perfect for me.   I have really noticed a change in my whole body opening up.  Thanks.

Sylvia is in awe.  She was blown away and so very happy.   She cannot wait to come back.  Hopefully we will be there on Thursday.  Have a great day.


Received: 2011-03-30

Dear Helen,

Just listened and tapped with your audio mentioned in March 15 newsletter   re: intuition and resistance

Wow!  thank you!

Also, the video from Rwanda is amazing, stunning!  My grandmother travelled there in the 70's or 80's to visit people she had corresponded with in prayer groups.

Thank you for sending that link.


Received: 2011-03-30

Hi Helen,

It was so good to see you and I felt so much better after. I’m always so fascinated when something seems so negative or confusing to me and you show me a different productive prospective. So refreshing and so positive!!!!! 

Instead of the old constant guilt habit, there’s a new found permission and acceptance.  

You are so precious, and I appreciate your words of praise and acknowledgement on my progress, and the suggestions for tweaking.



Received: 2011-03-11

My precious Doyle & Helen,

I am eternally GRATEFUL for the GREAT & LOVING experiences you blessed me with this past weekend.

Your UNCOVERING THE HEART F HAPPINESS RETREAT was so inspiring & WAY beyond all my expectations!  Yawl are masters of creating FLOW that helps one enjoy learning how to Easily Flow with the Flow! 

My heart continues to expand & soar lightly today with bubbly happiness & my mind & soul are charged with more clarity.  I feel deep confidence that I have embarked on a new harmonious life path with not only passion & energy but also with calm and balance that will carry me forward with many new tools!   Your numerous creative activities helped me so gently unwrap my heart, courageously explore it with hope, and delightfully plant new seeds of joy, hope, love, peace, kindness, patience, gentleness, GRATITUDE & clarity! 

I enjoyed the busy times AND the slow times – both allowed the appropriate space for disconnecting & reconnecting so I could internalize the experiential learning you provided. Constantly present also (like a stream flowing through me) was the love & passion you invested to ensure we could safely explore ourselves in new ways that opened so many options for growth on all levels – physical, mental, spiritual,  etc.

I felt so tenderly supported……

  • Inspiring Environment both inside & outside
  • Comfortable chairs & beds
  • Delicious & healthy meals & snacks
  • A multitude & variety of meditations, EFT & talks that awakened, expanded, focused, encouraged, nourished, calmed, and rested me nicely
  • Supportive & applicable activities
  • A framework that encouraged networking which created safe & supportive harmony among us all
  • And even down to the smallest details, including the precious heart candle holder to memorialize the wonderfulness of the moments while giving light to our continued expansion with ease!

Thank you for the intense & loving preparation you invested into this event.  As hopefully you can tell, I believe you were 1,000,000 % successful with infusing us with an INCREDIBLY UNLIMITED experience.  UNLIMITED because the ripples of expansion are on all levels within me & I believe this is going to BE an ongoing part of me, that it wasn’t just a ‘happening’.

Blessings on each of you and may you enjoy the tons of gratitude I and others are sending you!

I love you both and those who empower & help you,

Barbara B Smith, March 7, 2011

Received: 2011-03-07

Hi there Helen!

I just wanted to thank you for taking time to work with me one on one. I feel so free and much less stress and anxiety about so many things. I needed to take a step back and really get my love for life back. This weekend was life changing for me. I also wanted to let you know that when I came home I was 3 pounds lighter!!! Thank you for removing all of the bad from our food each meal! It was such a pleasure getting to meet you finally, and to learn so much from Doyle and you both!

I can’t thank you enough.

Have a super week!  

Tristan Elliott

Received: 2011-02-17

Hello Helen,

I want to thank you for my new level of healing.  I have noticed that my neck is much looser, less tense and my breathing seems deeper.  It seems that no amount of reading, willpower, and exercises I do at home, and previous therapies were as effective as 2 hours of EFT.  

I have also noticed being able to focus on a work project with greater clarity and less feeling stuck (like I would).

Overall, the healing session with you have made a tremendous difference in my life.  I hope I can maintain this good health.  I am profoundly grateful once again for your work with me. 



Received: 2010-11-28

Hi there Helen. 
Since our session I am happy to tell you the bulk of my issues have faded into the background instead of being my go-to mind set to fret over and analyze daily.   Since our session I have deliberately re-visited the experiences that deeply hurt me over the years (and continued to do so) and was making me feel physically ill.  It seems I have been able to move on and let them go. 
I am still having a major food addiction.  So, in that area really haven't seen a shift.  However, I am very happy to be relived of the mental torture I was imposing upon myself from all the other junk. 

Received: 2010-06-04


What began as dealing with an anxious heart concerning the sales of some greeting cards that have been produced grew through your dynamic leadership last night to be a crusade to make our lives something so much beyond our muddled states have been able to believe about our potentials. 

It was not just a session to help with one participant's anxiety but rather one of the most profound I have experienced in your "borrowing benefits"

As I drove home I sensed that I had somehow grasped an exciting possibility of my life that somehow I had before mostly mentally but now emotionally.  WOW!  What a tonic you are for a weary world.

Helen, as a coach, healer, teacher and most of all a friend of all who come to be with you, I feel you are on your way to something so grand and wonderful in your own life even though none of us can actually see what it will be or contain.  I just so want to express my gratitude for the beauty you are, express and find in all who come to you for support no matter what their individual challenges are and experiences have been.

Thank you just does not seem to be enough for the release of hope and possibility that you provide and unceasingly encourage to many these days.  There is an old hymn that I sang as I child which I still enjoy entitled "Brighten the Corner Where You Are." 

Keep on, keeping on making your corner so bright for it is has a dynamic impact in at least my life for sure.  

Love, Don Squibb

Received: 2010-03-18


Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my dear friend, Rhonda. You are an incredible person, Helen Racz, and I am grateful for you and all that you do.


Received: 2009-12-22


Thank you again.  I can say that as I was leaving last night, it was the first time this season that I was actually looking forward to the holiday, and not having a sense of dread about it.  You have a gift.  Thank you for sharing it with me. 

Amanda C. P.

Received: 2009-12-19


Woooo Hoooo I am a Quantum Touch instructor.  And, I owe it all to you!  You have been the beginning of my new life season.  How lucky for me!  Thanks for all the mentoring, encouragement, and especially all those sensational vibes you so generously have to share with everyone.  They have sure worked on me!

Lots of xoxoxo and blessings now and always! 


Received: 2009-12-05

Dear Helen, 

Where is your group that meets near the Galleria?  Which building is it in?  I went once and you were terrific.  Thanks for your healing presence.


Mary W.

Received: 2009-12-04


Reading some info last night sparked a profound memory that I wanted to share with you.  Back in July, I attended one of the Thursday tapping sessions when you announced that you were leaving for a 3 week vacation to Michigan and might not have email access. 

I cannot specifically recall what we tapped on as a group that night -- but the next morning I awoke astonished and amazed!!!

I am sure that I do dream -- but I NEVER, NEVER, EVER recall anything!  It has been like this for many years.  There is just no memory of anything whatsoever.  The morning after that July tapping session - I awoke having had the most vivid, colorful, HAPPY, positive, romantic dream that I can recall.  I could easily remember all of the visual components of the dream, the exact dialogue/verbiage of the dream, and the colors were so incredibly bright and vivid.  Usually the memory of any dreams that I have, dissipate quickly (within 10 minutes) upon awaking.  The memory of this dream lingered for days!

I was going to email you about it after that Thursday night -- but I did not want to bother you on your vacation, and didn't know if you would be able to access email.  As well, I am sure that you hear this stuff all of the time.  I bet that group tapping sessions are so powerful that people clear some major stuff resulting in notable experiences such as this.


Received: 2009-11-26

Hi Helen,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. I cannot express in words the amazing impact that you have had in my life. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones.


Received: 2009-11-24


I really want to thank you for all the gifts that knowing you brings.  You are someone I give thanks for this holiday season and I just wanted you to know.

Much love and gratitude,


Received: 2009-11-22


I have been meaning to send you an email.  I really found the session to be extremely helpful---I am not saying that my life is perfect, but I have seen some real changes. 

At the end of the session you mentioned working on my chakras.  Since I do a lot of yoga, I had become very aware over the last year or so of a distinct blockage in my neck.  I could feel my breath and energy flow very well on the left side but not so on the right.   To feel slight energy on the right, I had to be lying down and turn my head to the far right and really concentrate.  As a matter of fact to even relax and feel the energy anywhere in my body, I had to be lying down.

Since our session, it is as if my neck has been flushed out.  It is not a constant sensation yet, but there are times now when I can feel the flow of breath and energy through my entire neck, completely into the left side and growing into the right.  This I have experienced
even sitting up.  Needless to say I am quite excited about it.  I feel as if all of those emotions from my father's death were stored in my neck!!

I am so grateful to have attended your workshop.  When I think of our session, I feel as if I was escorted by an angel to literally return to those years and relive them for 2 hours in order to release everything I was not capable of releasing as a young child.  I can't thank you enough!!


Elizabeth Graham

Received: 2009-11-03


I wanted to thank you again for your help last Thursday. I could not believe how empowered and serene I felt the rest of the day, even in the face of the tirade that came when I confronted the person we were tapping on.

I have to admit that I spent some time that evening thinking about what I would need to apologize for, but could not come up with anything, and had to smile as I realized that your words to me about confronting in a way I would not be embarrassed or ashamed of was a huge bless and what a powerful thing that is to not have the guilt hanging over my head! 
I have also thought about your ability to have me see her fear and it has helped to see her in this other light, so thank you for that.
I know I have a long way to go, but I have come a long way since starting to tap with you. You are a wonderful teacher, not only with EFT, but with life in general and am so grateful for your wisdom.

Received: 2009-10-26


I don't know what transpired, but I felt better after we talked.  In fact, I can't believe how at peace I am now over my mom.  Thank you so much for being there to let me share.  The words just flowed; I couldn’t have stopped them if I wanted...and now...peace.   



Received: 2009-10-16


I can't close without telling you that my life and my emotions are unrecognizable today, Helen.  I have quit trying to guess why I am so fortunate to have met you.  I have such a charmed life now.  It didn't feel like that before.  I survived.  The difference I am able to make in the world seems limitless now since you provided me access to freedom from that pain.  I'm not going to give you examples right now, but they are unbelievable.  I'm not talking about fantasies and dreams, either.  Okay, I'll give you one.  No, I can't start.  There are so many miracles I have either been the source of, or the clearing for.  I'm taking my game of being a contribution to a whole new level, but I'm still leaving myself out, and we both know how that goes.  It's an integrity issue.  Let me know when I can come out to see you.

Thanks for the access to my self-expression and peace.  All is well.



Received: 2008-04-25

Since my first experience with EFT I've been happily tapping away for all sorts of situations and discomforts. I have always been a person open to new and unusual sounding ways to remove the pain of the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. They have been so bad that I was even tested for fibromyalgia. I have had massages, back and neck adjustments from chiropractors, acupuncture, acupressure, physical therapy, pain pills, and muscle relaxers, and on and on. All of which worked for a short time and then "bam" the knots were back.

In the "borrowed benefits" gathering I was puzzled when Mrs. Racz said, "Someone has a headache." I took a moment to reflect and realized I did have one. It was my same old headache that I have had off and on for years. When the knots get too bad the pain reflects on into a headache. I said to myself, "Yeah I've got it again." I thought I am sure she can't mean me, so, I didn't respond. But, noone else responded either. She went on to say that it might just be from tapping a little too hard on the top of the head which brought some good laughter to the room. But, still no one raised their hand. So, I finally slowly started raising mine kinda sort of and said that I had one but I was sure that she was talking about someone else. That was when she invited me to the chair in front.

As soon as I sat down in the chair and she touched me, she said, "The headache is not your big pain is it?" I then talked a little bit about being a teacher and the neck and shoulder muscle spasms from the stress of it all. She had everyone chant after her about my pain going away out of my neck and shoulders. At the end of the 1st round I had one small painful knot left on top of my right shoulder. So, she went through it a second time with all of us. At one point my whole body turned HOT and tears began to fall as she explained to me that she did not see my stress and pain coming from my students, but rather from an adult. After going through spouse, boss, and co-workers and me saying that I was happy and fine in all those areas she told me the big person causing my pain was myself!!!! At first I was puzzled and shocked. But then she went on to talk to me about how I expect my students to be like little grown ups and my expectations were too high for their age. That I needed to see them more as little children and not expect them to behave so grown up. She made reference to how my parents had expected so much maturity and perfection from me as a child and that I am doing the same to my students. She went on to say that I needed to see them as children and the age that they are and we would all be a whole lot happier.

By the end of it all my neck and shoulders felt a lot more relaxed than they had felt in a long time. The amazing thing, though, was the next morning when I got up they were still that way. It has been 2 weeks now and the majority of the time they have remained knot free. When the knots or discomfort begins I just start to tapping.

Since my gastric bypass surgery I have had a constipation issue. I decided to give it a whirl and see what tapping could do for it. To my shock and amazement about 3 hours after going through it several times (not sure how much was needed seeing as I wouldn't get immediate feedback) there were results. Things went along smoothly for several days. As soon as I noticed difficulty again instead of heading for the medicine cabinet I just started tapping. A few hours later and - well you know what happened.

I find myself tapping on the way to school right now because I can feel the tightness in my chest starting as soon as I hit the freeway. Tapping is pretty easy in the car. The only one that's a little challenging is the one under the arm. I have never been one to worry about what others are thinking if they see me, so I just merrily drive on talking and tapping.

Since I joined in on the Thursday "borrowing benefit" session I have gone out searching for more information on EFT.

If I had not experienced it myself first hand, I'd be saying "Yeah right, sure that stuff works." I would be laughing at the testimonials thinking, "I wonder how much they paid that person to say that?" Or, "I'm glad this quack of a doctor isn't mine."

Thank you Helen for opening this whole new world and life experience to me. You are truly a gift from above, and I feel very blessed to have met you and been the recipient of your gift of teaching.

Bonnie K.

Received: 2007-10-24
Subject: THANK-YOU

Hi Helen. I attended your class on Sunday with Kathy. Well, just to follow up, I lost 3 pounds since then and have been tapping twice a day. I love it! Its a great release for job stress. I hope to attend another real soon. Thank-you so much for your time and energy. Im blessed to have met you!
                    Diane P.

Received: 2007-10-23
Subject: Re: thank you!

Thank you Helen and everyone else! I truly enjoyed the class and found the results to be amazing...just as I expected. Also, even though I conked out during meditation and was drousy, the later the night got, the more energized I became. I went to work out and had tons of energy!! I even didn't go to sleep until late, which is unusual for me. I am very impressed with EFT and your work Helen. My deepest gratitude to you!


Received: 2007-10-16
Subject: RE: follow up workshop

Success? The pain in my lower legs, ankle, feet was reduced from a 10 to a 5 after the personal tapping session and all the rest of the tapping we did. I like to think that we did enough that opened up the meridians that were perhaps blocked. Starting to feel an increase again so will go back to more tapping along with cupping in tai chi. Thanks, Jo

Received: 2007-10-15

I enjoyed Saturday very much. I've been tapping, tapping, tapping. Sunday morning I tapped that I would have patience when I walked the dogs. Then I tapped for each dog. Guy stood right in front of me and watched me the whole time I was tapping for him. Then Helga was nearby and watching when I tapped for her - I tapped that they would not be stubborn and would walk nicely together. The walk was quite pleasant! Tonight on the way home from work I tapped for Helga about the storm. She was in the car with me and had stood up and I could see she was shaking. After the first series of taps, she stopped shaking and during the second series she laid down! I'm a believer. I tapped also that she would be brave when we got home and get out of the car. She needed some help with that ;-) It was so good to meet you,


Received: 2007-09-17
Subject: EFT class at LLU

Hi Helen,
Thanks for using me as your student experiment. It really helped me understand how to process through my different emotions through EFT.
I have tapped several times since I have seen you and the thing that I have noticed the most is that my metabolism is speeding up. Weight loss is a great side effect of EFT.
I really enjoyed your class. PA

Dear Helen,
Thank you for the wonderful EFT class at CenterPoint a couple weeks ago. We did the sequence as a group for chocolate and coffee and it has really worked for me! I have not wanted my morning coffee one single morning since then - and it is a good thing, as I had started on some homeopathic remedies in which coffee is contraindicated. I had just purchased some $16/lb ground coffee that was smelling so good in my kitchen, and I had absolutely no desire for it - at all - for days - even now. I even went to Starbucks to purchase coffee for a colleague and drove for 20 minutes with it in my car. It smelled "wonderfully good", but I had absolutely no desire for it - at all. That has never happened to me before.
I have also used the EFT techniques for incipient headaches (before they become migraines, the only kind I get anymore) and for some difficult times last weekend when I chose to do something I really did not want to do, but did for someone very special to me in need. I was angry at myself for choosing something I did not enjoy, and could at least lessen the emotional charge using the EFT techniques. You presented so much information in the class I was still processing it for a day or so. So glad to have the manual and the notes. I showed a therapist colleague how to use the technique and it has helped her feel more emotionally balanced. I see why this is so exciting to you. The potential for using it seems unlimited.
I worked with a massage client a few days ago who had recently gone to Colorado and worked with a therapist there for about 2 hours. She said she resolved her neck and shoulder pain (that she has had for the past 15 years) with that therapist using statements of forgiveness and tapping on her face. She did not recognize the name EFT and she could not speak easily about it - she said there is no one she can talk to about it. I will be sending her a note in the mail and will give her your name and contact information if that is all right with you. She said it was definitely worth the cost of a plane ticket to experience the relief. I guess so!
Thank you again!
Elizabeth C., LMT

Received: 2007-08-30
Subject: followup

Hi, Helen,
Last weekend I was cleaning out a flower bed at my house when I uncovered a little garter snake, about 8 inches long. I had 2 thoughts: the 1st was ' dang, there's a snake' and the other was 'you move pretty fast'. Then I continued pulling weeds, in the very same spot and did see it again.
Before our session, that experience would have had me in hysterics, running into the house, shaking in my boots and I would never work in that bed again.
As they say, that was then, this is now!
Hope you are well, happy and prospering! Guess I'll be thanking you for a long time to come!

Received: 2007-07-04

Hi, Helen,
I did go to the zoo 3 days after we worked on the snakes. I kept putting it off, not because of the snakes but because I was clearly in the middle of dealing with the real issue of not being listened to. On the way to the zoo I spent some time apologizing to the snakes for blaming them all these years for something that had nothing to do with them. I remembered how well we had lived in harmony on the mountain. So, by the time I reached the zoo I felt peaceful and somewhat detached. Going into the reptile house I felt a bit nervous. . .about a 1-2. But once inside where I was surrounded by all kinds of snakes I was able to simply observe them without panic or nervousness. I stayed in there long enough to realize they had no interest in me nor I in them. I was able to talk to other people while in the reptile house which was more evidence the snakes were no longer in charge!
What can I say? It all seems so silly after 50+ years! Thank You!! Thank You!!


Dear Helen,
I would like to deeply and profoundly thank you for your assistance in relieving me of my severe emotional distress, that was causing me no end of physical discomfort, reducing the quality of my life, and producing a life threatening heart condition (quite literally a broken heart).
Even though I have been involved with and have worked with Energy Healing and kinesiology for many years, I was finding the specific aspects of my problem to be hidden from me. I was unable to discern them and alleviate them for more than a few hours at a time. Your unerring accuracy in keying in on, first of all, my basic heart problem, second, the specific emotional aspects that were affecting me, and thirdly, the alleviating of physical symptoms (which I have been suffering from for 8-10 years now) was both welcome relief and awe inspiring to me.
The empathic nature of your technique coupled with the EFT and Energy Medicine you used were nothing short of miraculous. Many skeptics would never believe what happened to me under your capable care and compassionate tapping healing touch. Please note that if there is anything I can do to assist you in your growth, you need do nothing more that ask. The relief that you have given me is still holding and my physical heart condition, while not removed completely has certainly been reduced to the point where drug therapy is now being used, and the specter of Heart surgery in the future is now only a possibility in the doctor's mind, rather than a probability.
Thank you with all my HEART (literally)

Dear Helen,
God bless you and may He grant you peace! I want you to know that my feet are no longer hurting. I still do the merridition things each morning and like I said I now wake up in the morning with no pain Thank-you Jesus! I want to thank-you too for showing me these things to do. As for now my hand is a little cut from work and so it is hard to type. Love and prayers

I have this fear of driving or worse being in the passenger seat. I can't even bring my self to drive on 110. Getting on my truck before I even leave my house I am getting my self sick just by thinking about the road and traffic. The feeling of being closed in a so real I get sick all while I am driving and watching everything the drivers are doing, by the time I get to where I am going I am a mess. Highway 6 is about the farthest I go into Houston. My kids have to go with their friend's families if they want to go to any other mall than Katy Mills or West Oaks. That is sad I know. As you might have thought my husband will take them to a lot of places because I do not want to leave.
I started talking to Helen and she was telling me about EFT and we started talking about what had happened and she started asking me questions and tapping my hand and listening while, I was panicking just by telling her about the road and the vehicles. By me feeling closed in she was able to feel my panic my throat closing and my chest tightening up. She told me there is more to what I feel and to talk more with her. Well we did and by the second session, I was able to be the passenger without wanting to jump out of the vehicle. I feel relaxed and I can now make it without getting sick and panicking. The feeling is as if I am sitting in my living room it is the best feeling I have felt in a long time.
Thanks Helen for giving me peace.
Doris V.

Dear Helen -
I am writing to thank you for introducing me to the Emotional Freedom Technique. After your introductory session at the Fibromyalgia Support Group meeting, I decided to investigate a bit. Using this technique has allowed me to overcome anxiety with pain, as well as find immediate relief from colds, sore throat and bronchitis! It is amazing! The passion and energy with which you delivered your presentation intrigued me and peaked my curiosity. After trying traditional methods of pain management, with little relief, I figured I had nothing to lose. This technique costs nothing, and you can do it anywhere! I cannot thank you enough for your counsel and guidance, as I am finally able to manage life on a daily basis. I hope to be able to share this with my personal training clients in the very near future!

Helen hi-
It was very helpful for me personally to take your class on creating abundance. Not only I learned new skills but also get to meet some extremely fantastic people. Tapping was boring till I took your class and that opened up more interesting ways for me to tap. I can not wait to get my audio recording of the class so that I can incorporate more of your techniques into my tapping. I have already achieved some extra ordinary results last night tapping on my wife!! I will look forward to taking more classes from you. Thank you.
Regards, Aqeel

Helen Hey, I am good! And thank you so very much for everything - what a kind intuitive soul you are and what a great experience. I even called my Mother when I got in the truck just to see if I felt different when I heard her voice - I noticed I did not feel irritated at all, which I usually do automatically, even is she is not doing anything to irritate me. That was a WoW!!!!! I did have a headache, but it did not last long and my ear was popping. I think maybe the embarrassment thing was probably because my friend was there and the lie thing. I have tried to think about the experience and I will say it is very hard to visually pull it up - almost like it was wiped out. I'm trying to now and I can not. I know it happened, but the mental picture is gone. Weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is all so very interesting to me. I can not cry anymore - I had an awful first marriage and I cried all my tears away!!!!!! I have an excellent marriage now -in fact I felt closer to him after our experience. I'm sure not crying is not good, but everying NOW is good in my life, however I am sure I have a lot of buried emotions from the past!!!!!! You need to charge for your therapy sessions - you are too good and you have such a trusting way about you that people feel comforable to open up to you. That is truly a gift.
Thanks for it all - Sharon

Thank you so much. I still felt you with me today. As I told you, you are very gifted at what you do. Right now, I do feel as though I have tools for coping that I did not have. It is very liberating to know that I can alleviate some of my more pressing worries. And, "C" really does feel gone. That is a great feeling.
Take care and thank you again.

Helen, I am sorry not to have gotten in touch sooner. I have personally turned a corner thanks to YOU. I have been able to completely let the anger and pain go and I am literally looking and feeling years lighter. S.B.

Helen: We enjoyed meeting you as well and learned a lot. I believe the tightness in my chest has disappeared and I am able to breathe deeper than before the class.
Thanks, Ed

Subject: Incredible EFT Weight Loss Workshop

Hi, I wanted to let you know about a great workshop my friend is doing to help people with weight loss. I'm not saying you need to lose weight, but perhaps you know someone struggling with it.
Helen is wonderful and has helped a lot of people, including me. I've lost weight with weight watchers and want to lose some more, as I'm not quite at the weight I want to be (I'm aiming for that pre-pregnancy weight). I seem to feel the need to have this chocolate concoction every evening while low fat, I wanted to eat it less often. After my session with her, I went grocery shopping and had no desire to purchase ANYTHING chocolate (normally, it was 4-5 products!). So, for me, that was a big thing, as I think anyone that loves chocolate will agree.

Oh, Helen, I was just thinking about you today and that I should write something to you. I remember that you said it happens in a subtle way...not worrying about things or what ever you are working through sort of just leaves and no credit is given. Well, I think that it is actually happening that I am not freaking out about work, kids, relationships, etc. My house will close on the 16th and I am now having great excitement with the change that will soon take place. I would like to set up another meeting with you after I complete my move...will give a call in August to check with you. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for checking and for what you do. Joyce

Received: 2007-06-11
Subject: Abundance workshop

Helen -
I wanted to update you on how the abundance workshop has assisted me in opening my personal training and aquatic fitness business. The day after the workshop, I received a call for an opportunity to teach classes for ConocoPhillips corporate headquarters. This facility is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Since starting there, I have also signed 2 new clients for personal training, with one client attending twice a week!
In the eight short months since we have met, you have taught me much and through utilizing the techniques I have learned, including EFT, I am happy to tell you my income has skyrocketed to the point that I am now making three times the amount in a month that I made prior to moving to Texas, and working less hours! This allows me to take the time to do my own work and I cannot thank you enough for your friendship and guidance! Keep it coming!

Salus Per Aqua (SPA) Good Health through Water
Lisa Miller Aquatic Touch

I really like idea 2, also I need to let you know that a lot of stuff came up for me after that class around guilt. I spent a lot of time Sunday tapping, well a lot of time for me. Thank you for everything and please let me know the dates on either idea. Also I did not eat the doritos, they are still in my car. I did think about it but did not do it. That is huge for me. I even felt like sharing EFT with some of my friends when before I would not share with them because I thought they would think I was too weird or something. I have much less resistance to tap now and every time I feel something my first thought is "tap it out". Wow that class was really amazing.

Received: 2007-06-04
Subject: Group tapping ( EFT-Borrowing Benefits) class
Helen, I really enjoyed the session. There has been a shift in the way that I deal with money. Ever since my divorce, I have suffered from anxiety about money decisions and paying bills. After therapy, I had an end to my anxiety but there was still some avoidance and small twinges of stomach tightness. I had to always talk myself into paying bills, etc. Wednesday, after the intro class, I got up and paid my bills for the day and did my banking without even a second thought. Then, I realized that my money issues have shifted. Thank you for the blessings of that night. Saturday I have prior commitments. Please advise me of future group workshops. Thanks again, Shirley
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