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Join Helen and The Emissarians
Hosted by Chere Cormier

When: Friday, May 26, 2017 7:30 - 9:30pm
Where: Private Home Near 110 and Hwy 6. Address sent when you register.

I have joyously evolved myself into channeling a Divine Stream of Consciousness! It was my desire to learn more about thriving in human form at this new time on Earth. In response to my life journey as student and teacher (with great passion for both), I now have the delightful experience of allowing wisdom and guidance to flow through me in response to people's questions. This is the same voice that has been present in all the tapping, just without the tapping!

I am strongly drawn to play in creative growth. Growth that is empowering, generous, joyous and the natural next step for many of us as individuals and as group consciousness as seekers of truth.

As the Emissarians offer teaching through words, you will also physically receive the frequency of those teachings. An elevation of consciousness shared with like-minded seekers is always magnified. What is possible through sincere intention is manifested. What is in the way of your highest good dissolves. Our questions are catalysts for teaching, and we are supported in our spiritual journey to elevated states of wellbeing and an enhanced ability to work with our internal states and expand through the Divine vibration which resonates in the presence of these Teachers. I am humbled to be the channel.

The Emissarians are a transformative vibration of Divine Love and Wisdom that channels through me. You can listen and/or see videos of sessions at, go to Also peruse the YouTube channel.

Cost: $25 cash/check at the door

Let us know you are coming by emailing me at

Bring questions!

The guidance is inspiring, clear, loving and, yes, often shakes us awake.

Come, Bring a friend, Register now.

Self-Invest Series

When: Weekly, on Tuesdays 6:45 pm - 8:45pm
Where: Spectrum Center, 2060 North Loop West, Suite 205, Houston 77018 (MAP)

ALSO in Katy on Thursdays 11am-1pm. Email for address.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 begins an in-depth exploration of Expanding Your Capacity for Love.


Love — we use this word in so many ways: I love my children, I love pizza, I love a good movie... Have you ever truly educated yourself on what is possible through the energy we describe with this word "love"?

Are You Ready to go to the next level of exploration and integration — expanding all the good that is possible?

What are the benefits of an Expanded Capacity to Love? Consider Inner peace, Courage to live into your potential, Faith to hold steady in chaos, Ease and Humor in the Contrast on Earth, Power and Acceptance in the knowing of your (and everyone else’s) uniqueness, Better Health and Happiness for yourself and those around you. These are the side effects of expanding the energy of love on purpose with purpose.


Join us Tuesdays (email me if you want the audios or a way to access videos for participating from a distance), dive in, and expand the goodness of YOU in your life and in our world!

Accept my gift and utilize the EFT tapping workbook to learn more and to gather new information to lead yourself into your next level of good! There are many teachers of love. Find those that are representative of what you desire to experience and learn-expand-amaze yourself!

Join this weekly Tuesday series and focus on the "how to" of integrating the concepts and principles that will empower you to live successfully by your standard! Let Helen lead your exploration to a deeper level and add her expertise and experience in supporting you into living your life on purpose with purpose!

Enrollment is monthly. Class is every Tuesday except for major holidays.

$125 per month. (Includes audio recordings of each evening.)

Thriving is developed through knowing how to think. Discovering this brought me to an entire new level of understanding why so many people are not going all the way into empowerment! Tapping, energy work, meditation, journaling are all powerful and impactful, yet only half the process! The human mind can only relate to what it ALREADY knows! So no amount of clearing or releasing or inner peace will enable you to live powerfully, effectively, successfully and happily if you don't even know what that involves at a human level!

How you create success in anything is how you create success in everything.

If you wanted to learn to be a painter, you'd study with someone who is a good painter and knows about painting.

If you wanted to learn to be a restaurant owner, you'd best be served by learning how successful restaurant owners think and what they do.

If you wanted to invest in real estate, you'd do best if you learned from successful investors.

Want to do relationship well? Learn from others who do it well!

Want to feel successful in your life, thriving according to your desires? Then learn what principles, ideas and actions create success for people consistently.

Join us each first Tuesday of any month in 2017 if you're ready for building the knowledge that leads you into the greatest experience of you!


Envision focusing solely on applying protocols to empower your relationship with yourself. Expose your mind to the potential you are capable of within a group of others doing the same.

Each class is structured to immerse you in sensible actions and examples of how to personally apply ideas, systems, and tools. Energetically the space allows you to process new ways of being so that you are able to re-think, re-choose and re-align in more power, more understanding and more progress towards what you desire for you! Invest in yourself. See and feel profound changes!

Please watch this short video to hear what some people who have attended my classes are saying about them.

Cost: $125 per month. (Includes audio files of each evening, allowing you to keep up even if there are occasional scheduling conflicts.)

Here's a four and a half minute clip on benefits of the principles:

For more information, contact Helen at

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