Guided Meditations for Conscious Creating [MP3]

Guided Meditations for Conscious Creating [MP3]
Format: MP3 for immediate download
Price: $14


This is a downloadable version of the product that is also available in CD format.

Two interactive Guided Meditations are a mix of verbal guidance and times of silence for the listener to participate as they reach deep levels of relaxation and peace. Designed to support conscious manifestation and healing using two processes: 1. Clearing out the old limiting emotional beliefs that aren’t in alignment with what you want and 2. Creating new vibrations for what you desire.

Track One: Visualize

A 20 minute guided visualization to your inner room where you can simply just accept healing from the light, or rehearse something you are working on, or visualize what you desire to create. You could picture letting go of something that no longer serves you or could write or type affirmations in your room.

Track Two: Introduction to Recreate Emotional History

A 4 minute introduction to traveling back in time to work with your younger self and recreate the emotional memory of a specific event.

Track Three: Recreate Emotional History

A 36 minute guided meditation with time to travel back and also time to have your future self join present day you and your younger self.


If you'd like to try it before you buy it, please download a sample here.


Dear Helen,

I taught your Celebrating Men, Satisfying Woman course in Houston in May of 2009. I am writing you because I just found and began listening to the beautiful meditation Cd you gifted me. I LOVE IT! Your voice is buttery delicious, your serenity is nurturing and nourishing to my soul and you’ve become an important part of my spiritual practice. Thank you for the thoughtful and life enhancing gift.

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