Tapping Into Forgiveness

Tapping Into Forgiveness
Format: physical book to be mailed to you
Price: $40
Shipping: $4.95 (within USA)


The first workbook in the Unleashing Your Potential series.

This is a workbook that includes an introduction on what forgiveness is and isn’t, the benefits of forgiveness, a list of resources and 113 interactive pages for you to tap with transcripts of group tapping, borrowing benefits style. There are 30 taps, set up daily, with a corresponding journal page to jot down memories that come up and/or perspective shifts. If you do every tap in the workbook, you will have tapped for over five hours on forgiveness. Add in any memories the taps bring up for you, and you can see it will be a very healing and powerful process to engage in!

The printed workbook has a comb or coil binding so you can easily write in it.

There's also a PDF version that is available for immediate download. Simply hole-punch and put in a binder for easy writing on the journal pages.


I am on Day 25 of Tapping into Forgiveness and I think you wrote this just for me! I am committed to starting over after Day 30 and I will continue starting over until there is another workbook. For me, there is something about seeing and reading the words. I have a better understanding and I repeat sections that really resonate with me over and over. I was thinking of what the other workbooks might be too. Love and Acceptance would be the next one followed by one on Prosperity. That would do it for me. I am so interested and curious about the Series and what you choose for the topics. Whatever they are, I know they will be for me.



I just wanted to let you know how amazing and helpful the Tapping into Forgiveness Workbook was for me. I have never taken a formal tapping class. Started tapping with you on Thursdays with the free tap. It was easy for me to do on my own. By day 5 have way through I was in tears releasing all kinds of stuff. I couldn’t see the words any longer and started saying what came to me. Nice to let it all go in the privacy of my own home. Journaling after every tap is great. By the end of the workbook I felt like I had cleared a ton of stuff. And it only takes about 10-15 minutes to do an exercise.

I have worked with many other modalities and none have been as quick, easy, and amazingly effective as tapping. I can’t wait for more workbooks!



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